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Competency Demonstation report (CDR) for Engineers Australia

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Competency Demonstation report (CDR)

We specialise in preparing Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) for Engineers Australia. We have successfully completed more than 500 CDR for students in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth

Below is the step by step process -

1) You place the order with us by making the payment.

2) After the payment is made, we will send you a confirmation mail. You need to send us your CV and other project details in response to that mail.

3) If you do not have the projects with you, we will arrange it for you. However, it is better if you send us the projects as its easier to establish the authenticity of the projects.

4) Once you send us all the details, your CDR will be delivered within 10 days time. Your CDR will include 3 career episodes based on the projects and a summary statement.

5) You are free to request any revisions required. The price for a CDR is USD 540. You can use the link provided below to place your order -

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In case if any queries, please free to contact us at info@assignmentmakers.com

How It Works:-