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Pricing for Non-Technical Assignments

48-72 Hours
per page
4-10 Days
per page
Will take 11 or
more days
per page

For all non-technical assignments, we follow the above price structure. Kindly note that one page is equivalent to 250 words. You can order your assignment using the 'Order Now' button given above or you can also request a price quote using a 'Get a Quote' form on the right.

Pricing for Technical Assignments

However, for Technical assignments like Medical, Accounting, Auditing, Finance, Law, Engineering, IT, Statistics etc, the above price structure is not followed. The price of Technical assignments is not calculated on the basis of number of pages. Their price is carefully determined on the basis of the amount of efforts and the expertise required. To Get a Quote for Technical assignment, please use the 'GET A QUOTE' form on the right.

Emergency help in less than 48 hours -

If your assignment is due in less than 48 hours, Please mail us your complete assignment description along with the number of hours left for submission to info@assignmentmakers.com . We will check and get back to you on priority basis.

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