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HRM Audit of an Organization

Words : 2500

In this assessment you are required to conduct an investigation of an organisation to evaluate the effectiveness of their HR plans, policies and practices. You will then design an HRM Audit to measure HR effectiveness in this same organisation.
   •   *  You may work in teams to gather the information for your investigation.
   •   *  You must use the approved course protocols when approaching your chosen organisation
   •   *  You must produce your own report (analysis and HRM Audit design)
   •   *  The report must follow the headings provided (see Mark Schedule)
   •   *  The suggested word limit is 2500
For your investigation you need to find out the following:
   •   What is the structure of the organisation?
   •   Where does HR fit in that structure? What is its span of authority?
   •   How would you describe the culture of the organisation?
   •   What are the strengths and weaknesses of:
   •   The structure
   •   The culture
   •   What key issues is the organisation facing?
   •   What are the organisation’s key goals?
   •   What are the key goals in this year’s business plan?
   •   How does HR support the strategic goals of this organisation in terms of:
   •   Job analysis, recruitment & selection
   •   Health & Safety
   •   Staff development & rewards
   •   How does this organisation measure HR effectiveness?
   •   How effective is HR in this organisation? (e.g. Measured against organisational objectives)
   •   What recommendations would you propose for developing HR effectiveness in this organisation?
The structure of your Report:
A. Description:
   •   Structure of organisation (show where HR fits on the org. chart)
   •   Culture of the organisation (you might like to use a metaphor)
   •   Issues for the organisation e.g. restructuring, financial constraints, etc 10
   •   Goals (strategic, business plan, HR)
   •   HR effectiveness measures in use
B. Analysis:
   •   Structure of the organisation (strengths and weaknesses)
   •   Culture of the organisation (strengths and weaknesses)
   •   Issues (how important are they; which ones are more important?)
   •   HR contribution (what contribution is HR making?)
   •   Evaluation of effectiveness of HR plans, policies & practices
Note: The evaluation is worth 10 marks
C. Design:
   •   Introduction (purpose of an HRM Audit and what it involves)
   •   Measuring the effectiveness of staff recruitment and selection
   •   Measuring the effectiveness of Health & Safety in Employment
   •   Measuring the effectiveness of staff development and reward systems
   •   Measuring the effectiveness of HR planning
   •   Measuring the effectiveness of HR policies
   •   Measuring the effectiveness of HR practice
   •   Measuring the contribution of HR to organisational effectiveness

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