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Business ethics Articles Portfolio

Words : 4500

In this assignment you will present a folio of two (2) articles that you have read and reviewed during the first half of the trimester. Articles must be print-dated after June 1st, 2016.
Each article must be from the print media (newspaper article, magazine article, internet article). The articles that you select must have at least 200 words of text. Please note that academic journal articles are not regarded as print media for the purpose of this assignment and if used you will be given a zero for that article.
The articles must be concerned with issues of a business ethics nature. If you are not sure of the article’s applicability please think through the situation before using it, perhaps choose another one that you are sure fits what is required. The unit team cannot give you an assessment of the article’s applicability. As this is a third year unit, we expect students to take responsibility for their own learning decisions, therefore deciding on the articles that you choose is a part of the assessment process.
Please ensure that your articles are business ethics related and do not cover social, cultural or political issues. Sometimes there is a fine line and if you are not sure, then choose another article which clearly outlines a business ethics issue(s).

The discussion of each article must contain:
   •   the title of the article
   •   the media from which it was obtained: i.e. newspaper or magazine name, internet site location
   •   the date of the article (it must be after June 1st, 2016; if not that article discussion will score 0)
   •   an overview of the essence of the article with a brief discussion of the identified ethical issue(s)
   •   a discussion that links the essence of the article and ethical issues(s) to the theory (referenced theory to support your ideas is expected and will be deemed as essential)*. Here you also need to include your recommendations (that are realistic and practical) as a manager to resolve the issues identified in the article. If no resolution has been mentioned in the article, you can give your suggestions of how to resolve the issues here. If a resolution has been mentioned, discuss whether you would had resolved the issue in the same manner or other ways, and why.
   •   Who are the stakeholders being impacted (now and in the future) by the issue and how? Briefly discuss impact (positive and/or negative) on each stakeholder.
   •   a conclusion in which you proffer an opinion on the article’s ethical issue(s)
   •   an academic reference list that is constructed correctly (using Harvard or author-date referencing style).

*as this unit is at 3rd year level, you can use any theory that relates to business ethics regardless of having already formally studied it in the unit schedule: i.e. you can read ahead and use ideas and theories from weeks outside of 1-7.

You must include a scanned copy of the article with your assignment, else your assignment will NOT be marked until after the exams. In these circumstances, you will receive a maximum of 25/50.

You are to write 2250 words per article (10% +/– of the word limit is acceptable).

The reference list incorporating in-text references from both (2) articles should be included at the end of the last article following the Harvard referencing style.

48-72 Hours
Just 4-10 Days
11+ days

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