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Report on the banking crisis in Ireland

Words : 2500

“One description of this recent crisis was that it was a systemic misjudgement of risk; that those in significant roles in Ireland, whether public or private, in their own way got it wrong; that it was a misjudgement of risk on such a scale that it lead to the greatest financial failure and ultimate crash in the history of the State.”

Pg 3 Introduction by the Chairman of the Joint Committee of Inquiry into the Banking Crisis.


Reviewing the Report of the Joint Committee of Inquiry into the Banking Crisis – January 2016, consider the Principles based system of Governance which was used by the Financial Regulator prior to the Banking Crisis. Do you think that poor risk management was the issue or was there a deeper systematic problem?

HYPERLINK "https://inquiries.oireachtas.ie/banking/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/02106-HOI-BE-Report-Volume1.pdf" https://inquiries.oireachtas.ie/banking/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/02106-HOI-BE-Report-Volume1.pdf

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