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HHRM research project on the book "The Goal"

Words : 5000

Read the book “The Goal” By Eli Goldratt ISBN-10: 0884271951

ISBN-13: 978-0884271956

And develop a research project that discusses the following: a critical analysis of the book as it relates to HR Management, discuss and evaluate the human resource management implications as well as ethical implications as it relates to the book and the questions below.

You will need to address the following questions:

What role did human resource management play in the current (original) state of the performance of the factory in the book?
How was HR management principles to improve the operations of the factory?
What role did the stakeholders play when it came to improving operations and quality in the factory? What value do they play in the Theory of Constraints?
How did (does) HR Management impact Goldratt’s theory of constraints?
How does the idea of “Herbie” (aka the bottleneck) impact the use of HR management in this factory and in general management?
From the book, what is the role of management and leadership in HR Management?
From the book, how does a bottleneck impact HR management?
In any environment or process, what should set the pace, technology or the human resource?
How does HR management impact the development of quality products through the factory process?
In the factory environment or any environment, what role does HR management plan when it comes to sustaining the improved operations and improved quality?
What role does HR management play continuous improvement environments?
What is the relationship between technology and human resources (i.e. the people)?

Guidelines for the paper:

The report should contain the following contents: Cover page, Table of Contents, Table of Figures, In-Text Citations, and Reference List (or Bibliography). References and citations should be completed using APA style.
The final project paper must be typed, 12 font, and is restricted to a length of 15 pages (1 ½ spacing).
Remember to keep the project report concise and succinct. Grammar/spelling will be considered as the submissions are graded.

Project Report Criteria; the semester project report must include the following:

Executive Summary.
Introduction and background to the book.
Discussion of the questions posed above with supporting material and information.
Implications of your position on human resource management and project management.
Discussion of HR management implications and ethical implications as it relates to the book and the question below.
Reference Listing

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