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B2B Marketing report on a Malaysian Company

Words : 2500

You are required to identify and research Malaysian company that involving in B2B marketing. Analyse its major challenges such as rising competition cutting into its market share, retaining key customers whilst still creating a positive cost-benefit analysis and developing its telematics solutions with high risk due to the long investment timeframe.
1) Description of the company and product(s) (10 marks)
2) Analysis of the three customer types, their buying process and their desired relationship with the company. Industrial buying grid, supplier relationship management (SRM) and customer relationship management (CRM) (20 marks)
3) Analysis of the company’s key relationships, supply chain and distribution performance and overall network effectiveness. Analysis of Four Flows of SCM. (20 marks)
4) Clearly define the issue or problem at hand, including its importance. The problem can be a management topic/question, issue (small problem), opportunity or real problem. (20 marks)
5) Recommendations for the company based on the analysis done in
points (2), (3) and (4). 6) Conclusion
(20 marks) (10 marks)

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