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Case study analysis - Managing Ethics and Social Responsibilities at Ford Motor Company

Words : 2500

This TMA has one question with three parts. You should answer them all. The questions in this assignment are all about different aspects of the process of exploring a complex situation: drawing different kinds of maps of it, recognizing how complex it is, identifying the different perspectives it can be viewed from, and stepping back to reflect on this whole process of exploration to see the strengths and weaknesses of the approach you have adopted, and how you might do it better.

Question 01 (100 % marks)
   •   Read through the attached case study “Managing Ethics and Social Responsibilities at Ford Motor Company”. As you read through the case, create one multiple cause diagram to identify the factors/sources which can lead to the creation to a high performance at Ford. It is advised that students submit hand drawn diagrams as opposed to computer generated ones. Photocopies of diagrams should not be accepted. Reflect on your diagram in more than 200 words. (15% marks).
   •   Based on what you learned in T205B concept file 04 section II “Control”, and taking the “Managing Ethics and Social Responsibilities” as your goal, draw one closed loop control model to show the inputs’, processes, and control that can lead to achieving that systems goal. Reflect on your diagram in more than 200 words (15% marks).
   •   Using an essay format of no more than 2000 words, and based on what you learned in T205B concept file 04 tackle the following:

   •   Describe what is meant by organizational goals and the role of goal unity on goal achievement and organizational performance. Assess the existence of goal unity at Ford, and its impact on performance. (350 words, 10 % marks).

   •   Discuss the role of organizational culture in shaping organizational performance and assess the role of Fords’s organizational culture on performance, looking at how adopting the wrong culture can lead to failure. Justify your work based on concepts covered in T205B concept file 04, section III structure, section IV Development, and section V Culture and Climate (650 words, 20 % Marks).

   •   Discuss the meaning of the “Organizational Development” and “Organizational Learning” concepts and assess their importance to an organization’s performance. Assess the organizational development capability of Ford, and analyze whether it is a learning organization, looking at how this has affected its performance (350 words, 10% marks).

   •   Describe the principles of systems thinking, analyze their effectiveness for management, for problem solving and for decision making, and contrast its principles to those of strategic management (300 words, 15 Marks).

   •   Assess how change can be implemented in an organization, and how resistance to change can be dealt with (350 Words, 15% Marks).

(2000 words) (70 marks) (Please see guidance below)

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