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Commercial Correspondence

Words : 2250

Answer all the questions

Question 1: (15 marks)
In your words please explain the importance and use of commercial correspondence in business

Question 2: (8 marks)
Read the letter below – choose the correct word or phrase.
1. Respected Sir / Dear Sir or Madam,
2. I am replying to / It is in reference your advertisement in the trade magazine Homecare for a buying agent in the UK to represent your group of stores in France.
My company already acts for several companies in Europe and America. We 3. specialise in / known for buying domestic appliances and other household goods for these markets. We have contacts with all the leading brand manufacturers, so are able to obtain heavily reduced export prices for their products. 4. On the other hand / In addition, we can offer excellent terms for freight and insurance.
We can keep you 5. uptodate / well informed of new products that come on to the market, sending you any information or literature that we think may be helpful.
I have 6. enclosed / attached our usual draft contract for you to consider. I hope you will be interested in our terms, and look forward 7. to work / to working with you.
8. Yours faithfully, / Yours sincerely,

Leonard Dobson
Managing Director
Enc. Draft agreement

Question 3: (20 marks)
Your company employs an IT maintenance company to look after the computer systems. However, their service has been unsatisfactory and your boss has asked you to write to the maintenance company to express your dissatisfaction.
Write the letter to the maintenance company, including the following:
• explaining why you are not satisfied
• saying what you expect the maintenance company to do
• informing them what will happen if nothing changes.

Question 4: (15 marks)
You work for a multinational company and are responsible for organising the keynote speaker for your annual management conference in October. This year’s theme is ‘Innovation and Creativity – Challenging the Usual Ways of Thinking’. Write a formal letter to Malcolm Gladwell (New York, USA), the internationally-recognised public speaker, to ask if he is available to speak. You have a budget of $5000 for the keynote speech.

Question 5: (5 marks)
Your manager has asked you to prepare the agenda for next week’s staff meeting. In addition to the usual segments and the Chairman update, she wants you to include time for a special report from the HR manager on attendance and productivity. It will be held at a nearby hotel in the afternoon.

Question 6: (10 marks)
Explain the purpose and characteristics of Meeting Agenda and Minutes of Meeting

Question 7: (15 marks)
The bar chart below shows the purchase price of three different software packages, the training costs and the estimated annual saving.
• Using the information from the chart, write a short report comparing the costs and estimated savings for each software package.
• Write approximately 150 words.

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