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Marketing plan for Shangrila Hotels

Words : 2000

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts Marketing Activity and Plan

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts is a luxurious hotel chain that offers a legendary and comfortable stay in its resort and hotel. It has spacious rooms that are stylishly decorated with the beautiful view. The rooms have several amenities that include television, Wi-Fi connectivity, attached bathroom, telephone, walk-in-wardrobe and a balcony. Several room options are available like the Executive Suite, Premier Room, Executive Room and Deluxe room.
The hotel offers several conveniences like safe deposit box, parking facilities, non-smoking rooms, beauty salon, hair salon and clinic. It boasts of a business centre for conferences and provides other business-related services like meeting room, courier service and secretarial service. Its special services include courier services, valet and laundry services, 24-hour room service, express check-out and check-in options and a complimentary shoeshine service.
Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts started its operations from its first hotel in Singapore and later built several across various parts of the globe including China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Myanmar, London, Abu Dhabi, Toronto, Brisbane, Sydney and Vancouver.

The hotel business is all about service and hospitality as it is determined to provide a comfortable stay. They offer the stylish and lavish environment to its customers by pushing its services to much higher level. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are an important part of this hotel chain and it takes special care to maintain its high standards.
Well trained employees are an integral part of any hotel chain. Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts have set high standards for its staff. Learning and development are part of their life and it enables the employees to achieve professional and personal growth. These highly efficient members offer immaculate services and in turn, are paid well with good benefits.
Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts have targeted families, business travellers and leisure travellers from upper and upper middle-class section of society as its target customers. It is a brand of luxurious hotels and resorts and believes in offering best possible products and impeccable services to its guests. Tourism is an ever-growing industry with lots of new and old entrants in the market. They offer serious competition to this hotel chain even if it is in the premium sector.
Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts have adopted a premium pricing strategy for its high-end guests. It offers premium products and services and its guests belong to that section of society for whom services matter more than money. The company also faces competition from rival brands and has adopted a competitive pricing strategy that enables it to maintain prices at par with rival brands. This ensures that Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts retain customer loyalty.
Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts have adopted several key marketing strategies to increase its brand visibility in the market. It has launched a new campaign In Our Nature, emphasising the core essence of its brand that hospitality is from the heart. As it is associated with hospitality sector its ad campaign has to earn kudos and accolades from the advertising world, hospitality sector and consumer market. The ad was launched in several mediums like in-flight, television, newspaper, magazines, billboards and hoardings.
Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts have realised their responsibility towards nature and have offered luxurious settings without compromising on natural resources. The brand ensures its employees respect local traditions, conserves biodiversity restores natural habitats and manages energy, water and waste. It works towards eco-friendly activities. Most of its hotels are certified under ISO 14001environmental Management Systems.
Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts have started a care for people project Embrace, in the year 2009. This is a commitment from each of the hotels and resorts attached to this chain in entering into a partnership with a beneficiary and working towards the education and health of children.
Shangri-La Hotelsand Resorts have been the recipient of several awards and recognition like Best Hotel Chain in the Asia Pacific, Best Business Hotel Chain in China, One of the World’s Best Hotel Groups, Best Luxury Hotel Brand and Best Business Hotel Brand in Asia-Pacific. Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing has received Best Hotel in Beijing Award and Shangri-La Hotel Toronto was the recipient of five diamond ratings, AAA for its impeccable services.
Assessment scenario (This Case Study provides the context of your assignment)
You are Marketing Consultant for Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts and have been tasked by the Board to produce a report for discussion in the Marketing Plan for them over the next three years.
Your assignment MUST be in report format ONLY and MUST include all sources of information in a ‘References’ section using APA Referencing. Students must use tables/diagrams and bullet points wherever possible to present the key elements of a professional business report.
Students should refer to appropriate theory learned to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding and have read the set book. Not all subject areas will be covered in lectures and seminars, students are expected to study independently and read/research extensively.
Students must use tables / diagrams and bullet points wherever possible to present the key elements of a professional business report.
Report format should include the following elements:
   •   Title page.
   •   Contents page.
   •   Introduction in brief.
   •   Marketing Plan (include PESTLE, SWOT, SMART Objectives, Marketing strategy and Marketing programmes – please refer to below pages containing assignment requirements table and marking criteria for more information).
   •   Bibliography.
   •   Appendices.

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