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Media Analysis - Economics

You are required to select a newspaper article on a microeconomic issue and apply your knowledge of microeconomic theory to explaining and analysing the article. You should aim to write approximately 1500 words, excluding diagrams.
 You must submit the written paper, WITH THE ARTICLE ATTACHED.
1. It is important to spend time in selecting an appropriate article to analyse. A 'good' article can help you focus your analysis and lead to a better assignment mark. One of the beauties, apart from our unmatched hospitality, about studying economic in Australia is that every week’s topic is likely to be related to the main policy discussion of the week and, hence, one can find a least one newspaper commentary on it. Refer the article to your tutor - get some feedback on its suitability.
2. The article can relate to any concepts covered in the set chapters – it may relate to just one chapter or several chapters.
3. There is no set structure for the assignment - you can write it as an essay or you can present your analysis as a report with suitable sub-headings.
4. Include an introduction where you provide an overview or 'essence of the story' - explain what the article is about. What is the purpose of your assignment? What economic models/concepts are you going to use to analyse the article? For example, will you be using the model of demand and supply, concepts such as opportunity cost, elasticity, consumer’s and producer’s surplus? (about 150-250 words)
5. The analysis - this is the main part of the assignment (about 900-1100 words). Incorporate diagrams into your analysis - they must be drawn by a document processor, NOT HAND DRAWN. Do not put them into an appendix. Make sure you refer and explain your diagrams and link them to the article. DO NOT devote your analysis to writing out detailed notes from your text. You are required to analyse the article - not summarise your textbook. Incorporate quotes from the article into your analysis to support your arguments. You may find information in other related articles - you will need to reference these in your assignment.
7. Conclusion - a summary of key points from the analysis. Do not introduce any new material. How well did the theory explain the article? (about 150-250 words)
8. Reference list - the bare minimum is the article you used and an economics text. Try and find other related articles; perhaps find some data to add to your analysis. Do some simple research, use the web to locate other sources of information that may relate to your topic - this will impress the marker.

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