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CSR audit for a company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange

Words : 2500


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been identified as an integral part of company operations

Media reports show that many firms are struggling with practical application.

You have been asked to conduct a CSR audit for a company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange

(ASX) that has received negative publicity in the last 5 years.


In your capacity as a communications auditor, specifically address the following in a report to the firm's


1. Detail your 'scope of engagement' (i.e. what exactly were you instructed to do).

2. Critically analyse the current understanding of CSR, referring to academic literature and industry


3. Examine your client's CSR commitment by carrying out the following investigation:

 identify the CSR claims embedded in the firm's vision and strategic documents.

 are these claims measurable (i.e. are the actions arising from them fully integrated into the

firm's governance and performance documents)?

 can the firm demonstrate the positive impact of its CSR policy?

4. Clearly identify discrepancies between communicated intention and corporate practice.

5. Make recommendations to improve the firm's CSR policy.

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